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Pakistan Post released four commemorative stamps in July 1948 for the country’s first independence anniversary. Three of the four stamps represented places from Pakistan as the fourth stamp depicted a motif. The stamps were inscribed “15th August 1947” due to prevailing confusion of actual date of self-reliance. In 1997, Pakistan celebrated its 50th anniversary of independence. Their state Bank of Pakistan released a special banknote of rupee 5 depicting the tomb of Baha-ud-din Zakariya on 13 August 1997, commemorating the 50th independence day. On the front of the note, a starburst is encircled by Fifty Years Anniversary of Freedom in Urdu and ‘1947–1997’ in numbers. Speech On Independence Day.

Short Speech On Independence Day

Speech On Independence Day
14 August Speech In Urdu

In November 1997, the 1997 Wills Fantastic Jubilee Tournament was kept in Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore to mark the fantastic jubilee. During the last of the tournament, Pakistan Cricket Board honored all the living test cricket captains of Pakistan by parading them in horse-drawn carriages and presenting associated with gold medals. On 14 August 2004, Pakistan displayed the biggest flag of the time with the dimensions of 340 by 510 foot.

Since last year, the Google Pakistan homepage has featured special paintings designed with Pakistani icons to mark Pakistan’s Self-reliance Day. Such symbols have included the star and crescent, national typical monuments and colors, historic and artistic representations, geographic scenery and other national emblems. Fb allows its users in Pakistan to post an independence day status with a Pakistani flag image onto it or greets users in the united states with a special message on the home page.

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